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Rudy is amazing! He truly cares about his client’s success. He has done my website, Google Local Services and Google Ads and soon Facebook! We are still in the beginning stages of Google Ads (because I was dragging my feet) and I am confident I will see an awesome return very soon. His follow through is stellar and always completes projects/revisions/promises on time and without fail. I am a Clean Green SEO client for as long as I need the services he provides!

Renee Scraper
– Shine Bright Window Cleaning

Digital Marketing Case Studies

Whether you have come to the realization in your career or not, I think it’s safe to say that it’s obvious there are thousands of digital marketers and SEO “Experts” out there.  Many are banging on your doorstep via email or phone and using scare tactics that your website might explode soon if you don’t sign up!

But how do you know which company can actually do the SEO work they promised?

How do you know that the one trick they say works, actually worked?

SEO is complicated! It’s constantly changing and what worked 2 years ago definitely doesn’t work now.  What matters most is real results. Proof.  A great SEO company should always be able to corroborate their work and objectives and communicate that to you regularly.

Below are real results from clients who work in extremely competitive markets.  We have been able to get them to top page placement and page one placement on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing for many if not all of the most important keywords in their service areas.  Take a peek, we don’t mind.

ClearView Home Services


ClearView Home Services has been providing Exterior House Cleaning Services in the Metro Vancouver area for almost 3 decades.  For years their business was stagnant with growth and they weren’t getting the results they needed to help them get that next level.  They were stuck until they hired us…

Special T Landscaping


Special T Landscaping has been in the lawn and landscaping business since 2013.  For the first 5 years, they relied solely on offline marketing methods.  They still continue using those methods today, however, they have found that by combining a solid digital marketing strategy as their foundation, their growth was much faster, and the results were undeniable…digital marketing works.


ultimate digital marketing checklists for SEO

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Checklist for Landscaping and Exterior Cleaning Contractors.

Trying to figure out how to get more calls and leads from the internet can be frustrating. With so many options and different ways of getting there, how do you know what works best? Especially when there are so many companies and agencies out there calling you telling you their service is the next big thing. It's great that there are so many solutions, but where do you start? In what order do you do it in? Who can you trust? Through much research and working with our clients to help them grow their business, we have discovered the main elements of a successful digital marketing strategy. We compiled it into a simple checklist for you. Using this checklist will help you to identify all the missing pieces from your current digital marketing efforts. It will help you focus on what to do next so you can take your business to the next level of growth.

Here’s What We Do

Clean Green SEO offers a full suite of digital marketing services which include Website Design, SEO, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads, Social Media Marketing, Local SEO, Reputation Management, Content Creation, and Email Marketing and Automation.  Our objective is to serve every customer at the highest level while creating opportunities for more profitable leads.  Our success demands your success.  Our primary purpose is to help Exterior House Cleaning and Lawn & Landscaping companies grow through digital marketing.

Here’s Our Core Values


We will always make sure our clients are in the know about our efforts. We are driven by solutions and we are confident that there’s always an answer out there to be found.  We make sure that our clients understand fully where their money is going and they will always get accurate reporting.


We always use best practices when it comes to all of our digital marketing.  Our work is white hat and ethical and we never cross the line to get results.  In our experience, we have found that both our clients and our team have been rewarded with long term results and therefore success.


In an environment such as marketing, there are so many variables at play that its fundamentally critical to work as a team.  We encourage our team to take responsibility and ownership.  Our team works hard ina problem solving environment.  That’s why it’s always about the “HOW” not the “WHO”.

The Clean Green SEO “Digital Marketing Masters Method

Our method to help your business maximize the flow of leads, calls, and profitability in your Lawn & Landscaping business or Exterior House Cleaning Business.

Start with the foundation – Build a strong website that ranks and converts visitors into customers

Add Pay Per Click to drive even better results using Google Ads

Consider implementing retargeting via Facebook Ads

Tap into paid advertising on the major online directories like Angie’s List, Yelp, Trusted Pros, etc.

Leverage Social Media & email marketing as a solution to drive more repeat & referral business.

If you’re looking to get your business listed on page ONE of search results for the related keywords in your city and service areas, then we can help.  We can only work with one company in each city so get in touch with us before your competitor does, or click here to schedule a time for us to contact you.

Clean Green SEO helps businesses like yours increase your sales & grow your revenue by getting your Digital Marketing in the right place. We are on a mission to TRIPLE the size of 1,000 Exterior House Cleaning and Lawn & Landscaping companies.

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